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Souvenir fridge magnet Will not scratch the surface it is attached to. A separate neodymium magnet ensures a secure fit. The product has a monolithic structure, without the use of paper, plastic and self-adhesive film, so it is not prone to delamination, bending of the ends, moisture and moisture damage, which most home-made vinyl sold on the Internet are subject to when printed on a printer and glued with tape to magnetic vinyl.


Natural material  - magnets are made from natural material, according to the ancient methods of masters of applied art of the peoples of Russia.

Compact size  - If too many magnets have accumulated, you can temporarily remove some, they won't take up much space.

Light weight and secure mounting  - neodymium magnet throughout the pattern provides secure mounting even on curved surfaces. The magnet will never fall off the refrigerator door.

Juicy color  - bright, saturated colors will please the eye for a long time.

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Quality Assurance  – High quality handmade painting with and without lacquer. Does not scratch the surface.

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Spring girl with a bird

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